You are passionate and determined, and spend countless hours dedicated to writing great music. You want your music to have credibility, having your track mastered can make all the difference, and give your work the true professional edge that it deserves.

As an indie producer I know the frustration that comes when you finally export your track only to find that it sounds quieter, lacks depth and seems to get pushed to the back when comparing with other tracks in your music library. You keep asking yourself whats missing? By providing indie artists with professional affordable mastering we aim to bring out the very best in your productions and have your music at the same high quality just like the big name producers and bands.

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Mastering is the final step in transforming your music before publication to CD or digital stores. Voce Audio offer high-end audio and CD mastering to labels, studios, bands, producers and musicians. By utilising compression, equalisation, stereo imaging amongst other techniques, a trained set of ears will improve the clarity, definition, and depth of your recording. The final result will be comparable to other commercially released recordings.

Why Us?

Many indie musicians are looking towards independent mastering services that offer high quality results at an affordable price. Our engineers are first and foremost home grown artists, with the know how of what makes a great sounding track and the scientific knowledge of the mastering process. Voce Mastering offers a personal and friendly service; we love what we do.

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